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RC4 Wireless

dmx-io-trRC4 Wireless showed us a brand new product that will be rather useful to the architectural market, the DMXio-TR - this is a Wireless DMX Transceiver track adapter.

  • Available in black or off-white to match the equivalent Euotrac track colors

  • Stock is available "now" (pending ETL listing) with RC4Magic 2.4GHz or RC4Magic-900 900MHz RF

  • Available soon with LumenRadio CRMX or Wireless Solution W-DMX RF

  • All versions provide an external antenna connection to utilize various different antennas types

  • Operation from 100VAC - 240VAC (automatically, no switches or jumpers)

  • Available with North American or European version of the track mount

  • ETL listing will be for USA, Canada, and CE for Europe