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Martin by Harman

Martin by Harmon announced four new products at LDI 2016:

mac-axiom-hybridThe MAC Axiom Hybrid is a new three-in-one fixture that offers Beam, Spot & Wash features in one fixture.

  • Osram SIRUS HRI 4440w Lamp

  • 16,000 Lumens

  • CYM Color Mixing

  • Variable CTO

  • 16 slot Color Wheel

  • 2 - 44 degree zoom range

  • 9 Rotating Gobos

  • 16 Static Gobos

  • 3- and 8-facet prisms

  • Frost

  • 55 lbs

VDO Face 5

VDO Face 5Driven by the same P3 system controller as all other Martin LED Video Products the VDO Face 5 is the perfect fit for integration in a total video solution. The consistent pixel-to-pixel calibration does not only give superior image quality but also enables panels from different batches and rental companies to be combined quickly and hassle-free.

  • Bright flicker-free video output

  • Consistent calibration allowing cross-renting between different batches

  • Easy setup, mapping and configuration, and easy mix with other Martin LED Video Products

m1-hdThe M1 HD continues the tradition of the M1, one of the most heralded lighting consoles on the market. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 HD is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk solution.

  • All-in-one solution with integrated processing

  • Folding capacitive multi-touchscreen with 4 encoders

  • 34 playbacks, 8 encoders for fast user access

m2go-hdWith its small footprint and large built-in touchscreen, the M2GO HD answers the demand for a compact yet more powerful all-in-one lighting console in a cost-effective and portable package.

  • Complete console with integrated processing in a small footprint

  • Folding capacitive multi-touchscreen with 4 encoders

  • 10 playbacks, 8 encoders for fast user access