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TMB / Green Hippo

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Green Hippo V4 LineTMB/Green Hippo – TMB showed off a couple of new products this year, the Green Hippo v.4 product line as well as the Mozart LED lighting fixture. The new Hippo line comes in four flavors of media server ranging from a single u device to a 4 u device with varying degrees of output, but all with a standard easy to use interface. All of the new servers can support up to 12 megapixels of playback and you are not limited to how those megapixels are distributed, the only limit is how many display outputs are required. The major update to the system is the use of the FlexRes Codec, which contains a Higher than 4k resolution, Resolution Flexibility to Encode and Playback clips at any aspect ratio, and much, much more! TMB also showed one of their newest offerings in the Mozart lighting fixture, this little guy packs some punch in a small easy to use unit. This unit supports anywhere from 3 to 48 DMX addresses per fixture and can be setup in groups of 1, 4, or 16, pixel groups, allowing for a great video solution for indoor or outdoor video screens. The unit is IP65 rated and can be used in Rain and Dusty environments. When using in photography and videography applications the unit has a high refresh rate of 38,400Hz, perfect for high speed shooting!