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Schneider Optics

Schneider True Streak FiltersThe newest member of the True Steak® family of top-of-the-line MPTV filters will be unveiled. When mounted in front of the shooting lens, Schneider Optics Confetti filters create mini-streaks that appear as a sparkle or fireworks effect.Confetti’s are available in multi-color, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, pink, violet and gold in popular professional sizes. Designed especially for Leica® Summilux® Lenses, Schneider will show its new 92mm Thread-In MPTV Clear and ND Filters, engineered to minimize the possibility of vignetting and maintain the front diameter of the lens. The Clear and IRND Filters are High Efficiency Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coated to minimize flair and ghosts. Schneider-Kreuznach’s Xenon FF-Prime Lens series is rapidly gaining acclaim. Schneider was also showing their new cases for the iPro Lens kits that allow adapting high quality lensing to you mobile device.