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Rosco Laboratories

With a booth designed with film and television production in mind, Rosco launched three new products at NAB this year. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco Silk LED Lighting FixtureSilk: The Silk series LED lighting system has been specifically developed for film and broadcast applications that necessitate extremely accurate, high quality color. High volume light output, 2400 lux @ 1 meter (5600k) with a Non-glare diffuser that provides a uniform, single light source. This 12.8lb fixtures is 120w and is powered via main power supply, V-Mount or 4-Pin XLR batteries and controlled by local dimming control or DMX. This high CRI fixtures has a color temperature range of 2800k to 6500k. Silk is expected to start shipping at the end of May.
  • Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco Vector LED LightIf you’re looking for an on location panel lighting kit, look no further. The LitePad Vector is the go-to light for on-location lighting for cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers. The new 8”x8” LitePad Vector produces four times the output of it’s 12” x12” LitePad predecessors, consuming only 65w and weighing only 4.5-lbs. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco Vector Portable LED Lighting kitThe units light-weight, compact form-factor coupled with its on-board dimming and color temperatures controls and it competitively with standard Anton/Bauer or V-mount battery packs, allow the LitePad Vector to easily go anywhere a flattering, soft, LED light is needed. It’s 1500 Lux at 1 meter output makes for a power ENG kit. The backpack Kit is very cool featuring two heads in a very slick backpack. The 3-headed vector location light kit has a gross weight of 45lbs and includes a hard case. The Vector will be shipping in May. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Rosco LED TapeRosco LED Tape System: This fully customizable, engineered LED solution is designed to allow filmmakers and broadcast set designers to add attractive accent lighting into their sets. The product is available in easy-to-use kits that contain multiple reels of high-quality LEDs and integrated power& dimming controls to provide beautiful white or colored light for any application. Flexible, field-cuttable and fully controllable configuration options offer designers and filmmakers an easy way to integrate LEDs into their next project. It will be available in 4 flavors.
    • Fixed Tungsten (3000K)
    • Fixed Daylight (5700K)
    • Variable White – color temperature range = 3000K - 6500K
    • Color Mixing – utilizing RGBW emitters