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Mole Richardson

Mike Parker and Glenn Weiner introducing the 900 Watt Senior LED FresnelMole Richardson had a plethora of new fixtures in their booth at this year's NAB 15 new ones in fact. Mole uses their self-produced proprietary Quantum Dot LEDs and showed them in a new 900 Watt SeniorLED. Mole Richardson‬ engineers are pushing technology to its limits. This new fixture stacks up equally against a 5kW tungsten and 1200W HMI output on the daylight side. Mole Richardson Spacelight SeriesIt was exciting to see the final production models of the Mole LED Spacelights in yoked, hanging, daylight and tungsten color temperature versions. The new MoleLED Spacelites consume 80% less power than their traditional equivalents. Using the new proprietary Quantum Dot LED Technology found in the MoleLED Fresnel’s, these Spacelites provide the same color characteristics as tradition tungsten halogen, and almost identical out put whencomparing the incandescent 6K Spacelite to the LED Spacelite 4, or, the incandescent 2KSpacelite to the LED Spacelite 2. In addition, and an industry first, you can now achieve high-quality, high-output Daylight from a SpaceLite without using rolls of CT Blue filter to line the inside of the skirts. Barbizon NAB 2015 - Mole-SoftLEDThe Mole-Richardson also released their new LED Softlite series that provides soft, diffused virtually “shadow-less wrap around” light with a smooth field. This fixture can be used for television or motion picture as fill light. Use for soft fill-in stills, commercial and Television studios. Designed so that all the light comes indirect and unobstructed from diffused surfaces. They are available in Tungsten, Daylight as well as a variable white where the color temperature can be adjusted form 2700K to 5600K and any temperature in between. Last but not least was the release of the new 100W Vari-MoleLED. The Vari-Mole offers the same high quality full color spectrum LED in a portable,all-in-one kit-style fixture. Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility for both the professional and consumer customer alike. Built in on-board power supply. This entry level color fixture comes standard with powerCon cable and magnetic attaching barn door. Check out No Film School's recap of the fixture.