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Backstage Equipment Carts

Barbizon Lighting NAB 2015 - Backstage-CartsBackstage introduced their new Mini Carts. The purpose for these mini carts was to fit in Sprinter mobile vans that are now being used for carrying gear for production work. These carts are reduced in size and are more compact. The line comes in a lot of options like: the Electric Mini cart , Kino-Flo mini cart, Cable Distro mini cart, Cable/Sand Bag mini cart, Head mini cart,C-Stand mini cart, 4 X 4 mini cart, Combo Stand mini cart, Super Duz-All mini cart, HMI mini cart, 4-Crate set box mini cart,6-Crate set box mini cart, 7-Crate set box , 9-Crate set box mini cart and Prop Crate mini cart. Note: crates are not included-See catalog for cart dimensions. New in their 2015 regular cart line is the C-Stand Plus cart with new braking systems. The Wall Mover carries a wall up to 7-1/2” in width, has built in handles and has 2- 10” pneumatic wheels . Max capacity is 350lbs.