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Anton Bauer

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Anton Bauer Digital Series BatteriesThis year Anton Bauer unveiled new features for their Digital Battery and Performance Charger line first introduced at NAB 2015. Anton/Bauer has updated its Digital Battery Series with Fuse Link technology, a new connection technology that provides an added protection circuit within each cell pack, prohibiting damage to adjoining cells if a single cell is affected for any reason by severe impact, puncture or thermal runaway. AB also previewed their new Asset Management System (AMS), which will be available to the marketplace as a tier-based subscription in the third quarter of 2015. When an Anton/Bauer battery is placed on a Wi-Fi enabled Performance Charger, the AMS will automatically upload its information, including remaining run-time, temperature, voltage, and present capacity, to a secure, cloud-based server. All pertinent data required for tracking and performance analysis will be available with a simple user log-in and password.