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BB&S Lighting (Brother, Brother & Sons)

BB&S Area 48 softBBS Lighting brings the Area 48 LED Soft Light. The Area 48 LED technology moves the phosphor away from the LED itself, improving the color rendering, consistency and light output. The system has a CRI of 95 that is a soft source comparable to a traditional 1k softlight. It also has multiple power options including an integrated battery that can be used with vmount or gold mount batteries or standard AC power. It also offers internal DMX 512 for remote control and flicker free dimming from 0-100% . Each unit has a special strobing mode and no fan resulting in silent operation. With interchangeable phosphor panels you can quickly change from daylight to tungsten to chroma green in a matter of seconds. Each unit also has an integrated barndoor, 160 watt power supply with AC power cord and angled yoke with 5/8 female baby pin TVMP. LedheimerBB&S was also showing their Ledheimer. A LED beamlight made for key, fill and backlighting in television and different purposes in exhibitions and architectural expos where a powerful single source is needed. Ledheimer is available in two versions comparable to tungsten (warm) and discharge (cold). Each Ledheimer comes with 3 Interchangeable high quality aluminium reflectors 17, 25 and 40 degrees and has a filter frame cassette for optional accessories e.g. barndoors and tophat. BBS is also showed their breakthrough High CRI (94 CRI 3200K and 92 CRI 5600K) LED Force V LED profile fixture engine.