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Arri L5At this year’s NAB, Arri unveiled a new addition to the L-Series fresnels, introduced as the L-5 series. The L-5 fresnels will be approximately 45% brighter than a traditional 300w Fresnel while drawing only 115 watts of power. Portable, compact and lightweight the L-5 series is basically half the size and weight of the L-7 fresnels and includes all the same characteristics of color and tuneability. In addition, the L-5 series will be available in three versions; the L5-C (color), L5-TT (tungsten tuneable), and L5-DT (daylight tuneable). The L-5 series will allow for portable lighting making it ideal for smaller locations and interview setups and will be a perfect complement to the L-7 series. For more information please visit WWW.ARRI.COM