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AAdynTech Space LightJoining the lineup including the Jab and Punch LED variants, Aadyntech has brought another player to their super efficient fixture family. TheSpaceLight LED is a 3380K tungsten balanced beast that advertises a CRI of over 96. With an output of 52 foot-candles at 25 ft, theSpaceLight LED draws slightly under 7 amps. It can be controlled locally via its menu driven interface, via tethered, plug in digital remote or via DMX control through a lighting console. With DMX, it can be controlled with a single channel to control intensity, or with multiple channels to “pixel map” each of the 20 LED nodes. Since the fixtures have both DMX in and out, they can be daisy chained together and controlled individually. The SpaceLight LED diodes are warranted for 35,000 hours, and should be considered if you’re looking to replace your conventional Spacelights and Skypans. This fixture ships with a standard adjustable heavy-duty yoke and attachment points for industry standard skirts, targets, hoods and Chimeras. An optional lightweight single gel frame will allow the use of filters or gels. The fixture has no UV or IR emissions and is certified for UL, ETL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliance. The Space Light is equipped with an industry standard PowerCon locking A/C cord.