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This year Vocas concentrated on it’s line of professional and reliable matte boxes. This year they evolved the MB-210 to the MB-215 and MB-255. Made with carbon fiber reinforced molded material. It comes with one fully rotatable 4”x4” filter frame and one fixed. The max lens diameter has stepped up from 105mm to 114mm, following the trend of new lenses coming out on the market. Available with internal eyebrows, french flag. Side wings can be installed with a kit. They are very light, very strong, it is perfect for smaller SLR or DV cameras.

MB 430The MB-430 matte box adds a spring loaded bolt to keep filters in place. It also comes with the side wings installed, integrated heavy duty clamp system. Filter frames are 4”x5.65” with one rotatable, one sliding frame and one fixed. It comes with 2 flexible adapter rings, one neoprene donut and one fabric. Compatible with ARRI 138mm rings, it is perfect for rental companies who have a need for versatility.
The top of the line matte box with all the bells and whistles is the MB-450. It is Panavision matte box with the option for square Panavision. It comes with the 2 fully rotatable, one sliding frame and one fixed 5,65”x5,65” filter frame. With a 144mm rear section you can use it with very wide lenses. It comes fully loaded with all features as well as the ability to hold 5 filters. The flexible adapter ring comes with a compartment for 38 round filter. Everything is locked down with quick release system, so it is very easy to remove the matte box from the rails. The swing away is a one button operation for quick access as well.