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Several pieces of big new from our friend at Nila this year. Remote Phosphor protype fixtures were on display and will soon be available for purchase in Boxer, Versa and 1/2 Varsa (working title) models. Anyone has a suggestion for a cool new name for the 1/2 Versa, the factory would love to hear from you. Nila Varsa 90WThe 1/2 Varsa will be fanless, includes a 6 LED cluster and consume less than 37 watts. It will replacing the NH unit in the existing line. An ENG kit will be available. Details to follow shortly. The brand new 90w fan-less Varsa fixture was on display! The Lumen output equivalent to a 400 HMI. Perfect for locations shoots, ENG, small studio's and Architectural applications. ENG kit will be available in a stock size that will include two heads. It includes rotating barn doors, both AC 100v to 240v and DC 10 to 18v switching power supply which are hot swappable. Boxer 2Upgraded to the 200w, fan-less Boxer includes.... 1. The new housing is more rugged and is a sleeker lines 2. 15 percent more light output with the 7th generation of Nila LED technologyproduces the equivalent output greater than an 800 watt HMI. 3. New AC/DC switching power supply 20v to 28v DC or 100v to 240v DC.