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Matthews Studio Equipment

This year Matthews Studio Equipment introduces a new array of camera platforms and accessories. Jib a LiteThe new ‘Intel-A-Jib LITE’ is a sturdy, lightweight jib arm. This high performance jib is constructed with the same X-Box aluminum beam as its big brother the ‘Intel-A-Jib.’ When paired with the ‘UnderSling LITE,’ the operator is free to work, at ground level, as high as they can reach without any obstruction from the arm itself. This system is beautifully simple and sets up quickly without tools. The maximum weight capacity at Full Stick is 20 lbs. and 45 lbs. at Short Stick. The ‘Intel-A-Jib’ weighs in at 45 lbs in case and requires 100mm bowl tripod with a 100lbs. payload. SliderThe Matthews-Slider is light weight and sturdy due to its open frame design. It is maintenance free and field adjustable. The stainless bearings coupled with the ceramic balls make it fast and quiet. While the Matthews-Slider is available in three basic sizes, 29”, 35” and 45” it is available in custom sizes in increments of 4.5” up to 12’. It allows an inverted camera position for low angle shots and can accept a second carriage for A and B cameras on the same track. The 360 degree Swiveling Mitchel Base can be mounted at any point along the frames cross members. This system has many great features and comes read to work. It has too many accessories and working configurations to mention them all here. The Matthews-Slider is another quality product, at an affordable price. MakaluThe Makalu is a lightweight remote head providing pan and tilt for live action, visual effects or time lapse shooting. The interface is a multi axis jog control via wi-fi to an iPad mini. This configuration gives precise control and by adding a sync box, it will give frame accurate repeatable motion control shots. Specifically designed for the Matthews HD & DC-Sliders, this wireless remote focus unit allows you to record and sync with linear motion control. It uses nine memory banks to provide programmable functionality and has a range of almost 500 feet of open air distance.