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DSC Labs

DSC Laboratories has bunch of new and unique products at this years NAB including the "Ambi-3" Quartz haligon full spectrum light box $5425 MSRP. DSC One ShotThe new "OneShot" Dailies Reference Chart in the front-box size was released and includes 6 colors, 4 skin tomes, and a Black/gray/ white. The back includes CamWhite and 18 percent Gray. Very small and portable. Travels well in you brief case for only $287 MSRP. "Chroma Duet - Junior" For LED. Very cool way to compare LED fixtures and Tungsten sources on camera. It's a combination of two charts. The front color chart is light with a traditional tungsten source and the identical back color chart is let with the LED fixtures your testing. The front charge has holes cut in each color square and when properly lined up with the back chart, your camera can act as your color meter. This is a far more accurate way to measure color for LED lights especially since LED's do not create a full color spectrum and can easily generate false reading from a color meter. "ChromaMatch" The days of needing your old Vector Scope and Wave Monitor are officially over! The new DSC Laboratories "ChromaMatch" is a combination of electronic chart and paper chart in a split screen. When displayed on a Sony O-LED monitor of broadcast quality (BVME250 recommended), shading can properly balance the digital signal against the paper chart being light by any combination of lighting fixtures technology to deliver a perfect match. As a foot note this O-LED LCD monitor is considered by many to be the closet to CRT quality available today.