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CartoniP50 is a portable and compact system for both STUDIO and OB applications. Extremely stable yet lightweight, its ideal performance is reached with camera/lens combination of around 100 lbs (45 kg). The air filled, one shot column is fast and safe to operate: the air can be set in manually or by compressor, and a safety air pressure valve prevents danger of over pumping. The innovative column design provides outstanding stability end jerk-free control with exceptional smoothness and precise movements. Accurate camera balance is achieved at full extension by simply activating the bleed valve, releasing excess air pressure. The column supports a maximum payload of 121 lbs (55 kg) at 180 psi and the safety valve is adjusted at maximum 250 psi. On the foldable dolly, six position track lock, foot operated brake on each of the 125mm twin wheels and cable guards provide smooth movements in any desired direction. The column is firmly secured to the dolly by a double clamp, easily engaged by two ergonomic locking levers. A set of 200mm PNEUMATIC TIRES with wheel brakes are available for OB use. Price includes hand pump and one adapter.