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American Grip

baleThis year American Grip is reinventing some of its standard pieces while listening to their customer’s needs. Something as simple as a bale block, now with a threaded receiver instead of a male threaded end to allow use of a longer bolt for those wider yokes. Their new streamlined four inch grip head, now centered directly over the inch and an eighth junior pin, works perfectly with their new menace arm. It doesn’t have the junior receiver above allowing the weight to be directly over the head. They have made available a two and a half inch grip head, previously only available on their meat axe. The difference with this head is that the side that usually grips the arm now is tightened through the opposite side which allows a one touch tightening for both sides. The point of pressure is now evenly displaced over a larger area on the arm preventing a single point of distortion on the arm. American has introduced two new metal flags, 18 x 24 and 24 x 36. These work very well nearest to those hot fixtures where flammability might be an issue. Turtle CrateThey have added a new size of C-stand turtle base which is a little smaller than the standard but fit perfectly into a milk crate for easy storage and transportation. Some of these are so simple it just makes perfect sense. The really interesting part of these new products is that they were created from their customer requests. American is working to bring more of the machining of their product pieces back in house so that they are more responsive to their customers needs.