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Aadyn Tech

Eco SpaceAadyn had two new fixtures to add to their domestically-made LED lighting Line. The new ECO Space LED Light features 20 LED and measures 52 Foot Candles at 25'. The CRI rating of 95+ is the only LED fixture available on the market today. Super bright and high quality light in one solution. The fixture has no UV or IR emissions and is certified for UL, ETL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliance. The Space Light is equipped with an industry standard PowerCon locking A/C cord. JAB Hurricane LED is The JAB Hurricane is weatherproof, IP65 Rated, totally protected against dust and protected against low pressure water jets. It emits 1,771 fc @ 10 feet; all while consuming only 1.77 amps of AC power, 187 watts, or 30v DC battery power! The JAB series is available in three other models: Daylight, Tungsten, and Variable to fit your creative needs without sacrificing output and color-temperature. AadynTech has developed engineered & assembled these color-corrected, single-source LED white lights right here in the USA.