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A.C. Lighting

AC-StudioforceA.C. Lighting, Inc. brought new fixtures from the popular Chroma-Q line. The Color Force RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) line of fixtures has been a staple of theatrical and broadcast set lighting but they have now added the Studio Force line. This line offers fixed Tungsten and Daylight options as well as 3,000K to 6,100K variable color temperature and remote phosphor fixtures. The remote phosphor fixtures are intended to be used as softlights and will be available in three models. As might be expected, there will be 3,200K Tungsten and 5,600K Daylight models. Most exciting is the Variable White fixture. Combining a 3,200K to 5,600K range with a remote phosphor panel for a soft, smooth field the fixture also adds the ability to adjust for green and magenta tints with its unique population of 6 each Red, Green, Amber and 12 Blue LEDs to provide a CRI of up to 91.