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Rosco Labratories

Rosco launched their new LitePad Loop on camera light. The Loop is an innovative, easy to use ring light that quickly installs around the lens of the camera for on-axis lighting. The light engine within the loop is the Rosco LitePad which is well known for its flattering and indirect lighting output. Its mounting assembly makes the LitePad Loop easy to install onto practically any film, video or DSLR camera. The main block attaches to the bottom of the camera using a 1/4-20 bolt and comes with industry standard, 15mm rods and a sled that moves back and forth. The litePad Loop has powerful magnets that enable the user to quickly and securely snap the Loop into place. The LitePad Loop is offered at an unbelievably low price point for such a high quality lighting solution. New to the RoscoVIEW line is the Mark II Rotator and Compact Rotator. These units motorize the RoscoVIEW camera filter on the camera lens. By rotation the camera RoscoVIEW filter, cross polarization with the RoscoVIEW material on the windows gives the user complete control of the exterior exposure of the camera sensor. The Mark II Rotator fits on any lens with an outer barrel diameter of up to 139mm measuring 7.5” x 6.2” at 17oz. The smaller Compact Rotator is a 76mm diameter RoscoVIEW camera filter that measures 6” x 4” at 8.4oz. tTe Compact rotator comes with 3 mounting holes allowing the user to design a customized mounting rig best suited for their needs. Rosco also launched a new RoscoVIEW GUI (Graphical User Interface) that provides a computer interface for controlling the RoscoVIEW camera Rotators. Rather than controlling the camera with individual physical switches, the GUI consolidates all the control in a single computer window. Control features include control up to 8 rotators on a single screen and can either be controlled individually or locked together for a simultaneously rotation. IP control permits operation from anywhere an internet/network connection is possible and allows remote connection status at a glance.