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Rip-Tie, Inc.

Celebrating their 25th year in business Rip tie has some neat new things at NAB. The Rip Tie Mini is perfect for cell phone cords, small charger cables, portable music player earphone cords, and any small bundle of cables. Positioned to be a direct replacement for nylon wire ties. Rip-Tie mini is Earth Friendly, it's reusable more than 200 times. No more frustration with small tangled cables in your bag, your pocket or your car! Also handy is their new CableWrap with buckle that can be installed on a cable easily. The soft buckle fits gently, yet snugly, won't damage sensitive cables and is designed for 10,000 release cycles. Their Econowrap systems are attachable to cables in either a flap or snap options. EconoWrapwith Flap is designed for At least 2000 re-fastenings, available in 3/4" and 1" width in 10 Colors. Install EconoWrap on a cable by peeling the hook strap away, then mount the cable and re-attach the hook strap. The flap is sewn, NOT Heat Bonded making it easy to remove from the cable by peeling the hook strap away from the loop strap. The snap option is installed by using the enclosed rivets.