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PRG is proud to offer their NEW “HS TruColor” digital LED fixture created from remote phosphor technology (RPT). We’ll you ask ...what is RPT? Typically other LED’s in the market start with a Blue color LED for efficacy and then coat them with a certain color phosphor which is encapsulated into the diode giving you a fixed color temperature with limited output. With the HS unit these two components are separated allowing the user to interchange polycarbonate panels from tungsten 3200k to daylight 5200k on the fly. Additional panels are in development to provide a complete range of color temperatures. Here’s the best part... The HS has a wide beam spread of 160 degrees, draws only 400w of AC power and offers TWICE the output of a 2000W tungsten soft light. This fixture is also supplied with a flicker free ballast and can be dimmed thru local or DMX control and is priced competitively with other fixtures on the market.