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Libec' stand had three new products of note. The WIFT JIB50 is smooth, portable, lightweight, and offers all-around support. It is designed to accommodate every shooting scenario including small indoor and outdoor spaces for detailed and wide-angle shots.

Together with our REMO30 Pan & Tilt Remote Head and AFC-5HD Zoom and Focus Controls, you can achieve and master smooth operations having complete control of your video shots. At extended lengths, the SWIFT JIB50 and REMO 30 will help the operator achieve high-angle dynamic shots while perfecting delicate camerawork operated from the front of the jib.

Exclusively for LANC cameras, the ZFC-5HD is equipped with a 2-step zoom-speed control and has an on/off remote power switch function which allows your camera to power on/off remotely. This is ideal when shooting with a jib arm or crane. The end of the ZFC-5HD cable splits into two parts with a 2.5mm submini-jack and 3.5mm mini-jack on each end. When using Panasonic cameras, simultaneous control of zoom and focus can be achieved by plugging 2.5mm and 3.5mm jacks into the zoom and focus terminals, respectively. The ZCF-5HD can be clamped on various equipment including tripod pan handles, jib arms, crane weight bars, stabilizers, monopods, and other accessories. Extension focus cables are available for Panasonic cameras. Our EX-530HD Extension Cable offers an added extension length of 5.3m / 17.5ft.

The REMO30 is equipped with a unique drive system that transmits motor power accuracy. The REMO30 ensures a perfect camera balance and offers smooth camerawork at all times. For center of gravity positioning, fine tune adjustments can be achieved with the tilt arm at 90 degrees. Other features include all-in-one cable connections.Pan & tilt controls, LANC, and monitor cables are combined in a single control cable. A pan & tilt head and control box can also be connected with this single cable. The REMO30 is equipped with a Pan & Tilt Lock System that allows an operator to lock pan and tilt motions. This enables you to focus on a single moving direction for an accurate pan or tilt operation. It is dust and splash proof and can tolerate outdoor shootings under severe climate conditions.