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NAB 2012 saw a couple of new daylight options from K5600, primarily in the 1600W range, with new Joker and Alpha Fresnel fixtures in the spotlight.

The Joker1600 is advertised to deliver the equivalent of nearly 6000W, compared to a like-configured quartz-halogen fixture. In Bug configuration, a UV glass beaker takes the place of lensing and is designed for use in lanterns and soft boxes. It can be burned in any position. The Beamer model includes an efficient specular 8” reflector and Medium, Wide, Super-Wide and Frosted lenses. A new Zoom Beamer is available as an option, with 15 – 65 degree spot / flood range. All share a common 90-265V (50 or 60Hz) dimmable (down to 50%) ballast.

A new 1600W fixture joins the Alpha line, which includes the “Black-Jack” 400, 4k and 18K heads. With a permanently-installed UV borosilicate filter, it is possible to burn the lamp in any position for the same hard images you’d expect from a lens-less Fresnel fixture. With Fresnel lens fitted, the spot – zoom range is 5 – 60 degrees from a fixture that is roughly 50% smaller than a conventional 5K quartz-halogen senior lamp head. Call Barbizon for kit pricing.
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