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DSC Labs

DSC introduced its new 3D camera test chart — the 3-DZ. Initially announced as the prototype “Pilot 3D Chart,” the 3-DZ is engineered to quickly pinpoint imprecision in subjective and inefficient setup procedures, resulting in the possible reduction of “3D headaches.” The 3-DZ consists of five LED lights with adjustable brightness for daylight and studio settings to help simplify the adjustment of virtually any 3D rig. The four corner LEDs provide basic frame alignment and “The Schnoz,” a central, adjustable LED, is used to set interocular distance and convergence. Horizontal and vertical indices in 100th (image width) increments also assist in precise and repeatable alignment. “The Schnoz” is adjustable from chart plane to 305 mm (12”) in front of the chart surface, and the 3-DZ’s graduated set-square, along with X/Y axis adjustment, helps ensure that “The Schnoz’s” LED is centered and positioned at the desired distance in the Z plane.

Also new are the the Xyla 15™ and Xyla 21™. While the Xylas are sophisticated tools that feature spectrophotometrically neutral grayscales and built-in regulated power supplies, they are remarkably intuitive and easy to use. Xylas attach to anyā…¯inch spigot light stand and provide built-in leveling. Xyla's grayscale steps may be viewed as a full staircase, in groups or individually. This can be invaluable when comparing lens flare or other optical flares in a system.

The Xyla 15 provides users with 14 f-stops of dynamic range – ideal for most current camera systems, while the Xyla 21 boasts an additional 6 f-stops for advanced testing. Combining minimal light leakage with other innovations such as Xyla’s unique stepped xylophone display, the Xyla systems provide unequaled accuracy when testing at incredibly low-light levels. Their small sizes also make them more portable, self-contained, and flexible than current rear-lit products.