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Dedotech USA

When you think of Dedolights the first words that come to mind are precision lighting instruments. The DLED4.0 is exactly that and more. The Dedolight patented aspherical optic system is what makes the precision of the DLED4.0 possible. Now add to this an LED chip that is hand tested and selected and you have possibly the most refined of all available tv/film light sources. Dedolight rejects 11 of 12 LED chips they receive for inclusion in the fixture because they are not up to their exacting standards. And you can see the difference in the end product. The outstanding light efficiency and unprecedented focusing range are in a class by itself. The DLED4.0 offers clean light with a controlled precision light beam, no stray light outside and perfectly even light distribution within the beam. It’s pattern projection has super focus ability and with their available barndoors, they make sharp beam cuts. The DLED4.0 is a 45 watt fixture that can operate in any position and has no need of a cooling fan. This is a small light with a lot of punch. Because of its’ high level optics, an extremely wide spot to flood range and bright output is created. Here is the data: at 9’ it has 14fc at flood, 29fc at medium and 279fc at spot. That’s not a misprint…279fc at spot! I think that’ll work. Just back this off a bit from spot and you’ve got a very bright, usable light beam at 45 watts. How is that for efficiency?! At 3 lbs and 7” long, the DLED4.0 has no equal. They are available in tungsten, daylight and bi-color, for those who want the option to do both. There are many accessory options and coming soon is a full line of DLEDs in various other wattages. This is one well designed lighting instrument, but we knew that. It’s a Dedolight.