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Da-Lite announced a bunch of new products and enhancements this year including their new reformulated Dual Visionand Ultra Wide Angle screen with increased contract. The new Tensioned Conference Electrol is an electric screen that allows the projection screen and video conferencing camera to be completely concealed in the ceiling when not in use. The new HD Progressive 1.1 Perf is an acoustically transparent front projection fabric which allows speakers to be placed directly behind the screen. The Studio Electrol and Arena Electrol are also now available with Preformatted Matte White fabric to allow for placement of speakers behind the screen surface. Silver Lite 2.5 is a multi-purpose front projection surface that is optimized for passive linear and circular 3D application. The new High Contrast High Power material is a screen surface that provides a unique combination of high gain along with contrast enhancement due to its gray base and highly reflective top surface. High Power is now available in sizes up to 15’ in height on many Da-Lite screen models including Advantage, Large Advantage, Deluxe, Professional, Motorized Scenic Roller, Large Cosmopolitan and the Ascender. The polished first surface mirrors are now available as an option on Da-Lite Rear Projection Modules and Thru-the-Wall Systems.

In response to the increased popularity of wide format PC’s and laptops, the Polacoat Da-Plex and Da-Glas rigid rear projection screen lines have been expanded to include a 16:10 format size. Da-Lite is now offering a full line of Advance Notebook, Advance Tablet, Sync and Storage Carts.