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Clear-Com debuted a new neat new products of note at NAB this year. The MasterBelt Base Station offers the all the features of the Tempset 2400 rack mounted base station in a belt pack style enclosure. The MasterBelt belt pack supports up to (6) total headsets in full 2-channel duplex mode. This new system will be great for sports coverage and other on-location crews where constant communication is necessary. Designed to be comfortable, rugged and robust, the MasterBelt Station and all Tempest BeltStations can operate in harsh weather conditions and are protected by a durable, weather-resistant ABS co-polymer blend with a high performance polyurethane overmold. The MasterBelt is provided with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery capable of up to 8 hours of operation or can be powered by (3) Standard AA Alkaline batteries as backup, providing 4 hours of operations.

The CC-300 and CC-400 headsets are equipped with hyper-cardioid dynamic microphones and high ambient noise attenuation headphones that deliver balanced audio performance to the user. The acoustic isolation capability significantly reduces external background noise and with a clear audio profile, including up to 20 kHz frequency response, the new headsets are made for professionals who demand high quality sound. The headset microphones can be turned on and off by moving the microphone boom. Users need only to pull the boom gently downwards to turn on the microphone, and push the boom gently upwards to turn it off, in effect giving the users a quick and simple mute to their intercom system.

Interchangeable cabling is another major benefit of the CC-300 and CC-400 headsets. Both headsets come with a standard 4-pin female connector, but users can easily change the cable and connector at the base of the headset by using a Phillips screwdriver in order to accommodate different connector types. The same process can be used to repair and replace a damaged cable on the fly.