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Arri's two HMI new fixtures feature Arri’s Max Technology Reflector for enhanced output with a smooth field and crisp shadows within the full range of spot-to-flood focus. The M40 uses a 4000 watt HMI lamp and the M18 an 1800 watt HMI lamp. The M18 has the advantage of being able to run off of a 20A 120VAC outlet. Arri also featured their L7-C color controllable 7” LED Fresnel. Its smooth dimming 0-100% curve and 220W draw rivals a 1kW incandescent with its even field and crisp shadows. Correlated color temperature range from 2800°K to 10,000°K (+/- green) with hue/saturation selectable mode for a broad range of color available in heavy saturation to pastel. The Fresnel adjusts from 15°-50° and features a built-in brake to hold position, is IP54 rated for weather resistance and has full on board control in addition to the standard 5-pin DMX input.