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Alcorn McBride

Alcorn was featuring three products at NAB this year. The SetPlayer SP1000 is a robust, economical HD video clip player with no moving parts. It even works with your existing VDCP control systems. The SetPlayer 1000 provides on-demand solid state video clip playback in 1RU. It's ideal for seamlessly looping logos or scenes on on-set monitors. Clips are stored on CompactFlash; just copy them directly to the CF card, transfer them using a USB flash drive, or upload them via Ethernet. The unit offers a variety of playback options, supporting the most popular audio/video encoding standards including MPEG2, H.264 and VC-1. With a 1080i output and 40 Mbps maximum bitrate, video quality is superb. The SetPlayer is designed with no moving parts to provide reliable playback every time. TheSetPlayer SP8000 is a multi-channel video clip player, offering up to 8 channels of high-definition video in only 3 rack units. It's ideal for seamlessly looping logos or scenes on on-set monitors. All channels are synchronized with each other without the need for complex a control solution. Use your existing VDCP controller and Genlock to house sync. Video clips are stored on CompactFlash cards, which means no moving parts and hours of playback time. The SetPlayer is designed to be an easy, reliable, and economical solution for on-set video. Alcorn also released MediaFlow as a workflow solution to encode source material and transfer it to your Alcorn McBride unit(s). MediaFlow software is preconfigured to produce video 100% compatible with Alcorn McBride products. It steps you through the process and quickly readies your content for use. After your material is encoded, MediaFlow's built-in FTP capability can automatically transfer files to your Ethernet enabled device. It accepts all the major video formats and outputs H.264 or MPEG2 video (MPEG or AAC audio). MediaFlow supports PAL and NTSC. MediaFlow does not currently support Dolby Digital (AC3) multiplexing. For a free trial version of MediaFlow, please visit their Softwarepage.