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After 3 years in research and development, Desisti released a new line of LED fresnel lighting fixtures at the 2011 NAB. It was definitely worth the wait. These well built and cleverly designed fixtures are a welcome addition to the increasingly crowded LED market. They show quality in every respect.

Because these fixtures are based on the world renowned “Leonardo” exterior shell, this new LED line capitalizes on a proven workhorse in the television and film industries. That is the launch point from which the LED Leonardo takes off. As you can imagine, the internal workings are unique, allowing for truly energy efficient operation while offering a similar spot to flood focusing control to that of its tungsten brethren. In fact, DeSisti has made available a retrofit kit that can convert existing 1kW and 2kW tungsten Leonardo fresnels into a LED Leonardo fresnels. Great idea! That’s nice on the wallet as well as the environment.

The LED Leonardo is available in three models; 40 watts, 90 watts and 120 watts, which are equivalent to 500, 650 and 1,200 watts of tungsten light output, respectively. Each model has the option of either a 3,200K or 5,600K color temperature light output. All models have light intensity control via a built-in DMX control card.

Whether you are considering a tungsten to LED conversion for your facility, looking to add to an existing inventory or just starting a lighting package from scratch, the LED Leonardo line of fresnels deserves to receive your very serious consideration. They are winners.