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WildFire Wildfire LT-400-Series-II UV Lightingreleased their new Long-Throw Series II UV fixture. Available in 150w/250w/400w they are touting it as the next generation of intelligent high output black lighting. These fixtures have DMX controllable smart electronic ballasting and the new design allows interchangeable reflectors, 90* flood, 50* wide spot or 20* spot. Additional 50* and 20* reflectors available for the 400w starting in January, and TBA for the 250w

Also on the stand was tWildfire EM-Standard-3-Lamp UV Lightinghe Effect Master Standard 100v/120v220v 2’ & 4’ fixtures that feature high output electronic ballasts and polished Everbrite reflectors. They are scheduled to be available starting January 2013 with 3 lamps (old model had 2 lamps).