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SWISSON debuted two new products at this year's show, including the XSW - DMX Wireless Splitter Series. The XSW has all of the same features of our normal DMX splitter with the new ability to choose to use your splitter as a wireless transmitter or receiver. With the XSW you can split your DMX line, boost your DMX signal, transmit DMX wirelessly, or receive DMX wirelessly

Long known for making excellent DMX testing and measuring devices Swisson exhibited the next generation of their award winning DMX Measurement Tool. The XMT-120A has all of the same features as the previous series (DMX Receiver, DMX Transmitter, RGB LED Control, Moving Light Control, Cable Tester, Channel Tracer, Dip-Switch display, Programmable sequence) and some of the new features including a USB port for power and firmware applications, timing display, and many other improvements

LDI 2012 was also the North American debut of the new XMT-350 - RDM Controller & DMX Tester. With the XMT-350's RDM controller can remotely configure DMX addresses, fixture personalities and more. The XMT-350 is built upon all of the foundations and applications of the XMT-120A DMX Measurement Tool and Tester, with the added enhancement of an RMD controller. Also on display were the renowned DMX Recorder, DMX Merger, and DMX/RDM Splitters.