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Clay Paky

Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330Clay Paky is adding to their hugely successful Sharpie line with a the Sharpie Wash 330. It uses the same lamp as the Sharpie with the killer output and the fast movement that the sharpie has established as a bench mark. With this version through there is a zoom range of 6.5 to 50 degrees. It also comes with a beam shaper that appears to be a rotating / indexable gobo that, with the zoom, elongates or reduces the elliptical effect. Over all a pretty interesting fixture to accompany the sharpie.

Clay Paky Glow-upThere was also the introduction of the Glow-Up Strip 100. This is an LED strip light but with a built-in zoom range. It uses RGBW multi chips sets in a 10X15 array. The zoom range is 14 to 70 degrees all internal movement. One very interesting portion of the fixture is the wireless options. This product can come with a battery that last +/-10 hours and wireless DMX. There are also hard wired outlets for both the DMX and Powercon as well. This product is IP65 rated for outdoor use. Over all it’s output was typical with the best parts being the stand alone.