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CITC Effects

In addition to the Little Blizard Snow Machines and fog products from CITC they have introduced an organic hazer called the AquaMAX to their offering with an “Organic Hazer” tag line. It is water and plant material based and they claim to have a 2 hour hang time with the recommended fluid. The AquaMAX also offers to never need cleaning or rebuilding. Consuming about 4oz of fluid an hour it is very efficient. For control only 1 DMX value or use the remote control module that is included with the purchase. Onboard there are controls for the two speed fan and for volume control. It was also stated that the is no residue and I reconfirmed that with the person doing the demo.

CITC GloMAxAlso presented was the Glowmax LED Confetti Launcher. It is NOT a compressed gas device, instead it uses a DMX controllable fan. The tube that holds the confetti is focusable and looks similar to a PAR56. This product can push the confetti up to 40 feet and the fan also keeps the confetti aloft +/- 30 seconds. The confetti is silver mylar and to color the confetti there is a ring of LEDs that can also be split into an array of colors.

Also offered is the aerosol cans of haze so if your local group need the “Hair Spray” hair spray cans give CITC a call. They have a can with labeling that works for the stage version and they have the ability to do custom labels if you have the volume.