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Cast Group

Cast's Black Trax is a real-time solution for tracking people and objects, using sophisticated technology that is amazingly simple to set up.

Tracking for automated lights was the main focus of the demo I saw. The system requires a few elements, cameras, Beacons (IMU), Time Keeper and a calibration kit. Then you need your fixtures and console and a WYSIWYG CE.

To get the absolute most basic you could use only 2 cameras but for the most accurate system 6 is recommended. These need to be placed to cover you tracking area 45% off center. Your tracking area can range up to 20 meters (65’-7”). Focus your cameras to cover your tracking area which can be done w a few different ways. The next step is to Calibrate the tracking area using the calibrating kit. Basically you paint the area using infared from LEDs starting from center. The system will tell you when you have enough information. Next you calibrate your fixtures, which is really quite easy. What does not fall within calibration from your layout can be calibrated with a 4 to 5 button pushes using the Beacon.

The Beacon gives you Y Pitch & Yaw with the IMU installed. It uses one LED which the camera uses to focus on. Take out the IMU and put on three LED instead of just one and you can now track a piece of scenery. X, Y,Z, roll, pitch.

The CAST team ran the Black Trax System through several demonstrations for us including , free form Remote control floating Shark. That impressed me as there is no way to really pre program that. They had light tracing after a remote control car that was pretty cool as well. All and all the System impressed me with it’s seeming ease of set up and the repeatable accuracy( less the ¼”), not to mention the speed at which the tracking can be reassigned to the next set of beacons.