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SSRC showed a couple of different products this year including the ELTP (Emergency Light Transfer Panel), Switchbrick Duo, and SwitchSuper. The ELTP Switches normal power to an emergency source when a power outage is detected. There is an intuitive interface that monitors utility power with the ability to remote start generators and can interface with most fire alarm systems. The entire unit is UL 1008 listed for use in Emergency Systems, has a 65,000 Amp short circuit current rating, Five second switch-time from normal power to standby power, ensures quick transfer, One Minute switch-time from standby power to normal power ensures that normal power source is stable, both discreet and main feed models are available.

SSRC-Switchbrick-DuoSwitchbrick Duo – Is a compact portable DMX controlled switch. With two silent 10 Amp relays fed from a single 20 Amp feed this unit is perfect for adding LED’s and other such devices that require constant power but still need the ability to be powered down at the end of the night. When purchasing there are two different options for control Hard line DMX and Wireless DMX. The wireless options that are available are: Wireless Solutions, City Theatrical ShowDMX & Lumen Radio.

SSRC-SwitchSuperSuperSwitch – Is a unique Relay Panel that allows for up to 84 individually DMX controlled relays. All cabinets come pre-wired from the factory with all components being DIN Rail mounted for quick installation. SuperSwitch can support 225A Max Main-Lug or Main Breaker feed, and the Relays are rated for 30A 120 VAC. They are all convection cooled and support a couple of factory options: SwitchMonitor, is a 19” rack-mount or stand-alone panel with representational monitoring of SuperSwitch Circuits. SwitchToggle, Customizable stand-alone control station, providing on/off toggle control. SwitchCycle, Customizable sequence control for equipment racks and other applications utilizing SwitchSuper circuits.