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SGM G-SpotSGM had an interesting LDI considering all their products ended up stuck in customs. Seems there’s another SGM and the US Customs couldn’t figure out the two. Despite the difficulties once again their booth was packed with all the current offerings. Every fixture IP-65 rated. Peter Johnansen proceeded to dump a bottle of water over the G-Spot while it was running. He is still with us as is the G-Spot. In addition to moving heads both wash and profiles, SGM offers a complete line of wash lights again all IP-65

SGM P2P-2LED Wash LightBased on the groundbreaking P-5 technology, the IP65 rated P-2 comes in a very small and robust chassis weighing only 13.4 lbs.

Q-2RGBW color LED flood blinder strobeTakes it a step further, Q-2’s 864 LEDs are divided into 3 individually controllable segments with RGBW colors. So implementing the Q-2 in your light design generates wide-ranging color and effect combinations.

G-ProfileLED Moving Head has an add-on framing shutter module is interchangeable with the gobo module of the original G-spot. The framing allows the G-Profile to perform beam-shaping images and projections via four individually controllable blades, each adjustable ±30 degrees while the module is rotatable through ±45 degrees.

The range of SGM's LED effects can be seen at

SGM was also teasing the LDI crowd with a battery powered moving head prototype. They were very careful not to release many data points on the unit at this point other than their goal is to release it at PLS in Frankfurt.