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Robe Lighting

Robe Lighting LDI 2014A highlight in the Robe booth was the new BMFL (Bright Multi Functional Luminaire). This HTI moving head packs in loads of features and has an output that will leave you in awe. It has an impressive 5 to 55 degree zoom, which allows the fixture to throw an incredibly long distance, or provide an enormous amount of punch in short or medium throw applications. It can also be used in followspot mode with the addition of handles added to the unit. The electronic motion stabilization feature keeps the fixture aimed where you focus it, even in environments that don’t allow a fully stable mounting location. The future BMFL Blade fixture will add shutters to the list of features, and will be available next year. The Robin CycFX 4 fixture adds a compact version of their CycFX8 to their list of tools. It’s 8 to 67 degree zoom range makes this tiny unit useful in numerous applications and is lightweight and brighter than comparable fixtures. For those that require something compact in their moving head inventory, the new miniPointe fixture suits the bill nicely. It has a nice sharp focus that allows for wonderful gobo effects, and can add frost to the beam if a softer edge is desired.Robe BMFL A unique feature of this unit is its DFE (dynamic flower effect), which adds a library of beam effects that can dazzle the viewer with amazing moving beams of light.