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Philips Entertainment Lighting

Vari*Lite VL4000The Philips booth was teaming with people and new products this year at LDI. The new Neo Console was used to control the ‘Symphony of Light‘ program which showcased the new VL4000 Spot fixture.

The Neo Console is a budget conscious desk with a small footprint and big features. The desk includes motorized faders and sub-masters, indented push encoders with color LCD screens, 4) DMX out connections, 3) HDMI monitor ports and hidden keyboard drawer. Neo will soon have available wings with both motorized and non-motorized options. Neo also offers on-line support via an RSS feed to answer your questions in real time.

The Vari-Lite 4000 Spot offers all the features designers demand in one light. Powered by the MSR Gold 1200Fast Fit Lamp the VL4000 boasts 33,000 lumens in Standard Mode, and a robust 25,000 in the Studio Mode which is quieter than previous VL 3000Q. Standard features include, 9 to 47 degree zoom, color wheel, color mixing, 2) 7-slot gobo wheels, 2) A-size animation wheels, framing shutters, iris, and 3-facet prism.

The new Vari-lite 4000 Beam FX was quietly making a big impression in Philips Suite. This new Beam / Wash / FX fixture is truly unique. Powered by the same MSR Gold 1200 Fast Fit Lamp the engineers at Vari-lite were able to squeeze 43,000 lumens from the big 10” aperture. When combined with the same color wheel, color mixing features as the VL400 Spot and 10 – 60 degree zoom the VL4000 Beam FX will provide a beautiful color wash. But that’s not all they have hidden under the hood. In Beam Mode the VL 4000 Beam FX offers 2) 7-slot gobo wheels and 2) animation wheels – just like its profile companion! Not to mention the 4 to 50 degree zoom, and iris capable of closing the aperture down to 1 degree. But wait there’s more! A third mode creates a large shaft of light that stays narrow and focused for the entire length of the beam.

Also showing prominently in the Philips booth this year was the Showline SL Par 155. The competitively priced RGBW Par delivers 3200 lumens from nine 4in 1 LED chipset. It also offers a 8 to 40 degree manual zoom so you can adjust the spread to fill your stage.

A new Emergency DMX Bypass Switch provides emergency and panic Lighting control solutions for DMX driven House lights and DMX controlled lighting used in emergency and egress situations. Each Bypass unit can handle up to four individual universes of DMX and can also act as a DMX splitter handling “1 in 4 out” or “2 in 2 out” routing scenarios with separate triggers for Panic situations as well. Each state, Panic or Emergency, can be set to trigger “snap shot” loads or can be set to drive all loads on each DMX path to 100%, and each state can also be triggered via normally open, normally closed dry contacts, or from a 12VDC signal.

On the Color Kinetics side of the booth Flex-i-Flex amazed passers-by with a colorful display of low resolution video. Flex-i-Flex is a mesh net with Color Kinetics RGB nodes prewired to the intersections to create a display that is both transparent and flexible to allow the user to wrap their subject in light. Flex-i-Flex is offered in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm spacing.

And finally, Philips Color Kinetics has found a way to bring fabric to life using their incredible new Luminous Textile product which is so unique in design that its applications seem limitless. Luminous Textile is an easy-fit system that integrates LED modules within acoustic textile panels to show dynamic content and soften sound. The Philips entertainment brands made a real statement and it is exciting to see where some of the technology is going.