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Dipping their toe in the LDI pool for the first time this year was the quiet start up company from Austin KETRA. Ketra has from the ground up created a digital lighting system with lamps, luminaires, controls and software to create beautiful, controllable light. Ketraproducts work cohesively to deliver the highest quality rendering of light, to the exact specifications of each user.

Ketra S38 LampKetra’s S38 PAR38 lamps provide the power of digital control and complete programmability in high quality LED light. Whether as a stand-alone element or as part of a complete lighting system, the S38impeccably renders the full spectrum of saturation and hue, while remaining fully customizable through our included design software. Experience the mainstay of Ketra’s product linewith the simple replacement ofexisting lamps.

  • Fully tunable spectrum delivers white light, pastels and saturated color.

  • Low glare, single point source.

  • Clean industrial design.

  • Active control system maintains consistent color point.

  • Full digital control and performance.

  • Seamless integration with existing controls.

  • Wirelessly controlcolor point and dimming to 1%.

N3-NOBLURKetra’s N3 satellite providesseveral vital system functions: control of luminaires, integration of third-partycontrol and lighting products, and on-board memory and astronomical time clock functionality. The N3′s wireless connectivity enables its installation in multiple, convenientlocations. To simplify the integration of third party control systems, it includes multiple inputs and outputs, including: 0-10V, 0-24V, and DMX; with future releases supporting DALI, TRIAC dimming control, and network backbone connectivity.

  • Enables Ketra’s luminaires to join the Ketra control network.

  • Wireless network for easy installation.

  • On-board content storage and astronomical time clock.

  • Multiple control inputs and outputs for integration ofthird-party control and lighting products.

To see the whole array of the Ketra system check out their website.