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AyrtonAyrton, exclusively distributed in North America by Morpheus Lights, displayed their "RADICAL" line of LED beam fixtures. These feature distinctive 67-mm 4.5 ° collimator optics with Osram Ostar 15W RGBW multi-chip LEDs to project 100 candelas per lumen. The MagicRing-R1 is an updated version of the WildBeam-R (still available) with continuous pan and tilt and seven individually controllable emitters, which pulls less than 150W. MagicRing-R9 is the most powerful luminaire in the RADICAL line, with 61 collimators coupled with 15W LEDs configured in four concentric rings around a center point with the option of fully pixel-mapped control. The MagicPanel-R uses the same optics in a 5x5 matrix configuration; and the Intellipix-R is a modular projection panel that can be combined to create a giant screen, or placed under glass to create a projection floor.