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Tomcat Ballroom truss spigotedTomcat had three new offerings this year, first the light Duty 24” x 12” plated truss. Engineered for ballrooms and more cost effective storage this 24” high by 12” wide truss allows you to pack almost twice as much truss in storage and can be hung in either orientation.

Second, a crowd control barrier. If keeping the audience separate from your performers is something you need, this new barrier device is perfect, built in security perch too. (see Photo)

Finally a new guy wire tension gauge, take the guessing out of setting up your roof or truss, this device measures the tension on your guy wires and to let you know when you are at optimum tension. Built with registrations for 200, 300 or 500 pound of tension the TCT GCT is a must have for your guy wire applications.