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Robert Juliat

RJ Tibo 75W LED ProfileAnnounced the TIBO 75 watt, variable color white, LED profile fixture, available in either 15 to 30 or 30 to 45 degree zoom, shown here in pink the unit emits a beautiful quality of light and is great for retail environments or small black box theatres. The Tibo uses a DMX controllable remote power supply, enabling the fixture to be up to 15 feet from the supply.

RJ ZEP 340LFAlso in the booth was the ZEP-340 high performance Fresnel, a 150 LED Fresnel that looks and perform just like a 1K. With an amazing dimming curve to match the smooth light output, rear focus adjustment, flicker free and unique rotating barns doors, the unit is available in 3200k or 6500k versions.