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The Light Source

Adjustable truss pickNew from our friends at The Light Source is their 1 ton Adjustable Truss Pick. This truss pick will pick from the bottom cord of your truss 12” to 20-1/2”. The top pick point swivels for easier rigging. The bottom attachment points work just like a ½ coupler making the attachment to your truss secure.

Also new was their Slim Mega Claw - The Slim Mega Claw is the 1” wide version of our favorite clamp the Mega Claw. For those of us that need the thinner version it is now shipping.

Quad-Coupler 2.5 SwivelQuad Coupler 2.5 The Quad Coupler 2.5. This coupler will fit pipe from 1.9” to 2.5” OD, giving you a great clamp to add to your tool box. You just never know when you’re going to run into that extra large pipe. The other nice feature of this clamp is that it can nest together either 90 degree or parallel.

Not New but Note worthy from The Light source are LED Pendant Light with a 6" Tempered Borosilicate Fresnel jpgtheir LED House Lights. The Pendant light is 115 watt fully dimmable LED with a 6” Borosilicate Fresnel Lens creating a wide even field. The Universal AC power supply accepts 100 to 277 volts automatically. This fixture comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Recessed Light again is 115 watt LED fully dimmable fixture with a 6” Borosilicate Fresnel lens. Form factor is the main difference with both models having options for power input that must be configured in the factory.