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High End - a Division of Barco

High-End-Hedge-nano-hogHigh End is well known for the Hog console line which has been widely used on large events. It is, however, the small-mid sized venue that has received attention lately from the respected console maker. Sitting proudly alongside their larger counterparts at the High End booth were the HedgeHog 4 console and the Nano Hog 4. These two control options promise to make a place in an increasing number of churches, nightclubs, small corporate events, and other mid-budget applications. The Nano Hog provides the control surface a programmer needs while letting Hog 4 PC do the lifting. At roughly 21" square, the HedgeHog 4 is nice to have in inventory for its ability to fly at the last minute, but the ability to get into the hog line at a competitive price is the stand-out feature.