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Building on the strength of the True Blue line Arri has recently introduced the L7 Fresnel and Broadcaster LED Fixtures. The L7 is a 7” Fresnel with a choice of LED engines. L7-T is a 3200K color temperature, L7-D is the 5600K daylight Fresnel and L7-C is a color mixing fixture. All fixtures share single shadow imaging,15 degree to 50 degree zoom range, true shutter cuts with 4-leaf or 8-leaf barndoor, and high color rendering index (92CRI). The Caster Series features similar high quality LED’s in a small eye light fixture. The Broadcaster provides DMX control over intensity, Color Temperature from 2800K – 6500K, and +/- green tint. The LoCaster has the same features, but is manually controlled via on-board potentiometers. Both are offered with power supply, 2-leaf barndoor, and intensifier.