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American Grip

Louis and the gang at American had some great stuff to show at LDI. First they have the Candle Stick Maker. Now you can make your own Candle Stick using 1-1/4” pipe with a junior receiver. Next there was the Double Head. Now you and have your diffusion and your color correction on the same head making life easier. Then they showed us the Center head. The idea is to have your load centered over your stand instead of off set. This will relieve some of the stress of the offset load we are used to. The Menace Arm is customizable solution to a boom arm. It consists of 3 pieces. The first piece is for balance weight. The second piece is to put in the head, a great use for the Center Head by the way. The third piece is for the load. It has a junior receiver and two baby pins. You can use a standard coupler between the head and load piece to extend you arm to whatever length you wish within reason of course. Use this assembly on 1-1/4” pipe. The Image 80 Arm is about my favorite at American Grip. It is perfectly balanced so that you can refocus or reposition your Image 80 fixtures with ease. You can rotate the fixture 306 degrees on the arm. This hand device will save you headaches like no other. I have attached only some of the possibilities.