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American DJ

In the world of American DJ its business as usual, bringing small inexpensive “flash” fixtures to the independent DJ’s and small production company’s of the world. Amidst the strobes and lasers we found two fixtures that could add some good looks to any DJ’s lighting rig. First is the Event Bar DMX which is nothing more than four LED pin spots mounted on a DMX control bar that gives you 17 channels of control over the spots, everything from strobe effects to full dimming of individual lights. I was more impressed by how bright the small pin spots were than anything else, the 4x3W LED pins definitely cut through everything else happening in the booth to create very well defined beams that can add that professional feel to light show. The second fixture is a LED flat par; it’s a small light weight fixture that has decent light output with a price tag of under $200. The best part of the fixture is that it contains Tri LED’s which eliminates the fruit salad look and gives you even color washes when used for up lighting. A Tri LED fixture with decent output at such a low cost can be a good seller in the production company market.