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Altman is pleased to offer a new Ellipsoidal called the Phoenix. This line will eventually take the place of the Shakespeare line of ellipsoidal. It is compatible with a GLA, or HPL 375, 575 or 750 watt lamp. You choose lamp type when ordering. It also has a 360 degree rotating barrel, locking shutters and gobo, tool-free interchangeable lens barrels. Barrels will be available in 5, 10, 19, 26, 36 and 50. The 5 and 10 degree barrel will not be available at first release, which is 1 qtr 2012, but Shakespeare barrels will work in the fixture. It has very little light leak and also accepts a Sea Changer. The fixture ships with color frame and c-clamp. Altman also showed the Spectra Strip. This is a low profile LED strip light. Available in 2’ / 200W, 4’ / 400W and 6’ / 600W models. There are 4 light cells in the 2’model, 8 cells in the 4’ and 12 cells in the 6’. Each cell is a 50w RGBA color mixing or 3000K high CRI White light LED engine. The strip can be customized to any combination of RGB or white light cells you would like. Each cell can be individually filtered, lensed or diffused using the filter slots provided. It has Powercon and DMX in and through. It can be pipe mounted and floor mounted and can be considered an LED replacement for traditional theatrical strip lights, cyc lights or border lights.